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College Signing Day

(Information provided by In Touch, a Scholarship America newsletter)

The future is looking brighter for the Class of 2021. In-person, on-campus instruction is making a comeback, and scholarships will provide a much-needed boost to student confidence as you prepare to take that next step directly after high school graduation.

High school seniors and their families will weigh college options, look at financial aid offers, learn how classes will be offered this fall, and assess schools' COVID-19 vaccination and health policies.

To see how financial aid award offers will match your college costs, it's important to know what goes into the total cost of attendance. These costs can vary greatly by state and by institution, but describe the general categories financial aid will be applied to. 

(Image via FSA)

Unfortunately, there is no standard template for financial aid letters, but it helps to know the terms and categories to look for:

-- Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

-- Total cost of attendance

-- Institutional scholarships and grants (those offered by the school)

-- Federal and state grants

-- "Self-help," which can mean work-study, wages or loans offered

-- "Net price," or the total you'll be expected to pay after financial aid


U.S News & World Report has posted a helpful sample letter to help students and families decode the offer.


Keep in mind, the initial award letter from the campus is not the final award package, as it often does not include all private or institutional scholarships and grants a student receives. Students and families should watch carefully for changes to the award offer, and take note of the school's outside scholarship policy and process for financial aid appeals found online at the campus financial aid portal.

For more information, see the Scholarship America blog:

Making Sense of Financial Aid Letters

Scholarship Displacement What Families and Scholarship Providers Should Know

Scholarship Equity is Crucial in Post-Pandemic College

High School Class of 2021 College Applications



1. Graduating from a Jefferson Parish Public School or a Jefferson Parish resident graduating from the LA School of Math, Science and the Arts

(Exception: Tulane Legislative Scholarships are available to all students in the districts of the legislators who have asked us to select their recipients. This includes Tulane students.)

2. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0

3. A minimum ACT composite score of 20

4. A complete ONLINE application including Counselor's evaluation with ATTACHED transcript

a. Parent's Financial Information

b. Student Profile at 100% completion

c. Completed recommendation(s)

d. Custom questions regarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice colleges

e. "Submit" button grayed out on your Jefferson Dollars for Scholars Chapter's Scholarship

5. Graduating from high school December 2020 - May 2021


Have questions about FAFSA? Click here for more information!

Please be sure to check out this checklist to make sure you are submitting a COMPLETED application.

Click here if you have questions about financial aid from the government.

Jefferson Dollars for Scholars Scholarships for Class of 2021

When you apply to Jefferson Dollars for Scholars through our one free online application, you can indicate which of these awards you are interested in receiving.  After completing all parts of the application, you must click SUBMIT it so we receive it.  Changes to awards may occur at any time and will be posted when they become available.  


2020 Corporate & Privately Funded Scholarships

 Corporate and Privately Funded scholarships are usually worth $500.00 per year for a total 4-year value of $2,000.00.


Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation Scholarships

Capital One Bank Scholarships

Cox Communications Scholarships

Entergy Corporation Scholarships

Bruce J. Heim Foundation Scholarship

Jefferson Dollars for Scholars Scholarships

Jefferson Financial Credit Union Scholarship

Lake Lawn Metairie Scholarship

Sun Kim, Kee Lee Family Scholarship

Metairie Bank & Trust Scholarship

Metairie Pontchartrain Lions Club 

New Orleans Central City Lions Club

Henry and Pat Shane Scholarships


Tulane Legislative Scholarships

The Tulane Legislative Scholarships are 1-year tuition waiver awards.

These are available to students in the legislator's district. Eligible applicants may attend private, parochial or public schools or be a current or transferring to Tulane student.

Senator Kirk Talbot Legislative Scholarship


College/University Scholarships


Delgado Community College

Will be posted when confirmed.


Dillard University

 $500.00 from Jefferson Dollars for Scholars and $500.00 from Dillard each year.

Total 4-year value $4,000.00


LA Tech University

 $2,600.00 per year from LA Tech plus $500.00 Jefferson Dollars for Scholars match.

Total 4-year value $12,400.00


Loyola University  

 $1,000.00 from Loyola and $500.00 from Jefferson Dollars for Scholars per year.

Total 4-year value $6,000.00


Nicholls State University

Nicholls State University will offer

 Academic Honor Scholarships   ACT 27, 3.8 GPA

 Academic Honor Scholarships   ACT 24, 3.0 GPA

 Academic Honor Scholarships   ACT 23 or lower, 3.0 GPA

Additional $250.00 per year from Jefferson Dollars for Scholars


Northwestern State University

 Presidential Honors Awards  

$500.00 per year from Northwestern

Total 4-year value $2,000.00 (ACT 23, 3.25 GPA)


Southeastern Louisiana University

  Southeastern Scholarship for $1000.00 per year for 4 years, with

$500.00 per year match from Jefferson Dollars for Scholars.

Total 4-year value $4,000.00


Southern University and A&M College (SUBR)

$1000.00 per semester for Honors College students selected for award

Total 4-year value $8,000.00


University of Holy Cross College

  $1,000.00 per year for 4 years.

Total 4-year value $4,000.00


University of Louisiana at Lafayette  

Additional $500.00 per year from ULL

Total 4-year value $2,000.00


University of New Orleans

 5 Jefferson Premier Scholarships for $1000.00 first year,

in addition to UNO awards.

Followed by continuing student scholarship eligibility for remaining years.


Xavier University of Louisiana  

 To be determined. 



 The Early FAFSA form can be filed

as early as June 30, 2021!  

This will determine your student aid package

earlier than ever before. 

Click here for FAFSA Guidelines in English.

Click here for FAFSA Guidelines in Spanish.
 You can also visit Scholarship America to view their

"open scholarships" which are available to the general public. Now you have even more

opportunities to help pay for college. Just go to to see

if you are eligible.    


Jefferson Dollars for Scholars has been asked to select the recipients of the Tulane Legislative Scholarship sponsored by Senator Kirk Talbot.

This Scholarship is open to incoming first-year students graduating from public, private, or parochial high schools AND to Tulane undergraduates living in these districts.

All applicants for this award must also comply with Tulane University requirements for admission and deadlines.

Applicants apply through our online application and select Tulane Legislative Scholarship as your choice. In order to have your application accepted online, please follow these unique instructions JUST FOR Tulane Legislative Applicants.

1.  LAST NAME - enter last name, first name

2.  FIRST NAME - enter name of school you are currently attending.

3.  In High School, enter Cuillier Career Center.  

4.  In your essays, please very clearly state that you are applying for Tulane Legislative Scholarship and that you live in an appropriate district.

NOTE:  Be sure you submit your transcript, financial info, and letters of recommendation. 

I am a student. How do I apply for a college scholarship?


You have come to the right place! You can now submit your Jefferson Dollars for Scholars scholarship application online. 

Check here to see if you meet our minimum eligibility requirements at this time.

There are three reasons you'll love our new scholarship application process:

1. Check up on your application and update your information easily! You'll fill in all the basic information as you would on our paper scholarship application, and know immediately when we receive it. You will also be able to store and update your important information like your GPA, ACT scores and extracurricular activities. So you don't have to look for those letters of recommendations or your high school transcript anymore. It's all here! So access it at anytime - throughout your high school and college career - which means you only have to fill it out once, for potentially multiple opportunities! Best of all, each time you update your profile, your eligible scholarships are also automatically updated!


*There are no minimum/maximum word requirements for essays.

*Letters of Recommendations are not required but are strongly recommended.

2. One Student Profile; multiple nation-wide opportunities for scholarships. By filling out a Student Profile, you will see any and all of our chapter's local scholarships you qualify for - and you can apply to them by answering just a few additional questions with a couple of clicks! And that's not all! Across the nation, our parent organization, Scholarship America, is working with partners to add new scholarships to the program. Any time your profile matches the criteria for a new scholarship, no matter who or where it is, you will be able to apply to it with just a few clicks! This means, in addition to over 100 local scholarships you apply for through Jefferson Dollars for Scholars, now it's 1000s!

3. Much more than applying for scholarships! Have free access to a wealth of financial aid information and resources! And when you're finally in college, come back and get some success tools and additional information for staying debt-free! Your Student Profile and the Student Dashboard is an invaluable tool. It is where you will fill out and update your information to provide a single source for a wide array of invaluable information. You will even be able to export a resume based on all your high school accomplishments!


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I am a parent. What is this?

Jefferson Dollars for Scholars is grateful you are helping your child out on the overwhelming process of applying for college. However, you don't have to wait until senior year to start thinking about college!

Registering with us and using our website is a tool that students can start using as early as 6th grade. Don't wait another minute to find out what scholarships your child is eligible for. Best of all, you can find out how far along your child is on his applications with a click of a button. So keep tract of all scholarship opportunities through our website!

ChapterNet allows your family to be competitive and helps demystify the college application process. So register today and see for yourself!